A non-Muslim planned to embrace Islam as he heard it’s the most peaceful and tolerant religion. He was then asked to visit Pakistan as it’s the only Muslim country where Islam is saved by their constitutional amendments.
He arrived at #Islamabad airport & asked someone,” Where I can find the most Islam and good Muslims”
He was advised to go straight to #Faizabad Dharna to meet the true Aashiqaan-e-Rasool (Prophet’s lover). It took him 3 hours to reach because of road block by Prophet’s lover.
After reaching, he saw anything but Islam. Same Aashiq-e-Rasool were violent, aggressive, abusive and calling for murders.
He was very disappointed. Then asked someone again, “Where I can find true Islam and peaceful Muslims?” Someone told him to visit “#DataDarbar” (Largest Sufi Shrine in South Asia).
He went there and witnessed drug addicts, child abductors, pocket pickers everywhere. He got further disappointed and asked someone again,
“Please tell me a town where most non-Muslims live, I am done with Islam and Muslims.
Someone told him to go to “#Rabwah“, where over 95% people are Kafir.
He was very happy to find a land of Infidels in a Muslim country. So he visited Rabwah but got immensely disappointed again to see non-Muslims practicing peaceful and tolerant Islam. At every street, he found random people sending peace on him by saying “Asslam-o-Alaikum”. Every morning, he heard the voice of “Salle ala Nabiena, Salle ala Muhammadin” to call for Fajar prayers.
He witnessed women in Islamic Parda (Hijab) and found the whole town more Islamic than anything he witnessed so far. He also visited one of the Pakistan top medical facility, “Tahir Heart Institute” where many non-Ahmadi Muslims were getting free treatment.
This was enough for him to become a constitutional “Kafir”.
So follower of Mullah’s Islam, Think!! What Islam you are calling the world to?