Majority of the Muslim’s beliefs regarding Prophet Jesus(as) only give strength to Christianity not Islam.
Beliefs like Jesus(as) brought physical dead to life, created birds from clay and physically went to heaven while founder of Islam, Prophet Muhammad (saw) was not given these supreme powers by Allah.
These beliefs were the reason why many Christian missionaries came to sub-continent in 18th century and converted many to Christianity.

Many prominent Muslims scholars had no answer to their arguments as they themselves believed Prophet Jesus (as) was not just physically raised but also held miraculous Godly powers to bring dead to life and heal blinds. Problem is to take every word of Quran in literal sense and rejecting metaphorical meanings.

It was not until Allah sent down a Messiah, a man from a small town of Qadian, he declared the Jihad of pen on all the enemies of Islam.
His Jihad with the pen took charge and many Christian missionaries had to face defeat. He fought like a warrior of Allah and for the dignity and honor of his master, Holy Prophet Muhammad(saw). His name was Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, Promised Messiah, an Imam Mehdi and reformer of this age.
After getting revelation from Allah, he claimed that Prophet Jesus (as), son of Mary has been died a natural death. This belief itself gave immediate rise to Islam and Prophet Muhammad (saw). He proved death of Jesus from Quran and shut many allegations against Islam and its founder.

The mission he started 130 years ago is not over yet. Today Islam is facing many threats internally and externally. Muslims themselves are carrying beliefs that are against the true spirit of Islam.
I must also mention in this whole context, verse Khataman Nabiyeen has got massive importance. This is why the true interpretation and meaning of this verse is required that proves our Holy Prophet Muhammad(saw) as the “Greatest” of all the Prophets.

Promised Messiah(as) himself stated,
“Ghairat ki Jaa hai Issa Zinda ho Aasman pe,
Madfoon ho Zameen mai, Shahe Jahan hamara”
(Its against the dignity and honor of our Prophet Muhammad(pbuh) that Issa (as) is still alive in heaven and our master has been passed away)