Since Trump’s executive orders targeting Muslims, We have seen tremendous support from Americans all around the country. They have gathered thousands in number to show solidarity with their Muslim neighbors, beautiful to see.

While Americans are busy standing up for their Muslim neighbors, Some in Pakistan are asking us to “Shut Up” and not speak about persecuted minorities in Pakistan at this time as it can cause a negative image of Pakistan in U.S that may lead to a travel ban.
Ironically these people themselves are remaining Silent over atrocities and persecution against minorities in their own country.
They are also bashing us for not raising a loud enough voice against so called “U.S Visa Ban” on Pakistan.(Not even here yet)

Lets Answer Their Two Major Arguments,

1) Not a Right Time to Speak up for Persecuted Minorities.

There is over 45 years history of state forced mistreatment and discrimination of Ahmadi Muslims in Pakistan and no one has raised any voice against it. Ahmadis are being persecuted at every level from school to university to a work place or in their neighborhood.
You are only worrying one “Trump” while Ahmadis have witnessed many more in Pakistan.
Just let me know, how keeping silent against atrocities has helped Pakistan in the past that it will now?
Now expecting us to stay silent and play “All is Well” for another 45 years and Pakistan keeps becoming hell for religious minorities? And question is not just minorities now, honestly take a look, even majority is being bitten by a snake of extremism

2) Condemn U.S Visa Ban on Pakistan (Doesn’t Even Exist Yet)

First of all, I will never support a ban based on certain nationality or religion but at this point it doesn’t even exist. Why don’t we speak for the bans that are already in place in Pakistan against Ahmadi Muslims? At least America is not putting Muslim in jail for reading Quran. It’s not persecuting them for going to mosque.
But i will definitely support a ban imposed on extremists and bigots who believe in the death penalty for apostates and blasphemers. These filthy minds should be kept out of U.S or any other countries. We have already seen an Ahmadi Muslim was murdered in U.K by one of the extremist Mullah.
These criticisms make me wonder if it’s a actually a care for the people of Pakistan or just a fear of Trump’s Visa ban?

My Patriotism demands me to fight injustice in principle and speaking up for oppressed in Pakistan. But to them, speaking for oppressed minorities at this time is against the spirit of patriotism. I am sorry but its the other way around.
While we pray for the safety of Muslims around the world , we also pray for the minorities that are suffering in Muslim countries. Forced Hindu conversions or blasphemy allegations on Christians or Shia Genocide, Lets stand for principle my fellow Pakistanis and this the only way we can fight this together.