I had a conversation with an awesome American who came all the way from New Jersey to help with one of my work project.

Me: Ian, Whats happening in U.S?
Ian: First of all i would like to say sorry on behalf of what our president is doing to your Muslim community.
Me: You dont have to say sorry but Thanks for solidarity.

Ian: I am sure it does offend you when they use the term .” Islamic Terrorism”. But let me tell you something that didn’t get highlighted in Media much “I travel across the country on regular basis and i have seen not just hundreds but thousands of people standing up for Muslims.

Me: That is excellent. That is exactly what makes America Great.
Ian: As far as Trump is concerned, if he actually didn’t stop his anti-Muslim rant, there will be a civil unrest or a civil war and a breakdown of the society.
Me: Head of our community and Khalifa of Islam mentioned this on his recent Canadian trip.
Ian: Really can i read more about it?

Me: I will send you more details but tell me how do you actually think its gonna happen?
Ian: Its obviously my personal opinion based on how much “Anger” i have seen in people against Trump.It also has a tendency to make things worst and trigger some minds to spread more hate.

Me: I agree with that. Islam is a peaceful religion and preaches love, tolerance and humanity. No compulsion what so ever.
Ian: Tell me more about “ISLAM”

Me: In our religion, if you kill a person, its as if you killed the whole humanity. Our Islam is service to humanity and rejects any form of violence.
Ian: Interesting, Can i write down what you just said?

Me: Off-course, i will send you more details later.
Ian: Don’t you think American people needs more education on your religion?
Me: Absolutely that’s why we have many nationwide campaign like “Muslim for Peace”, “Coffee, Cake and Islam” as part of “True Islam”.
Ian: Coffee , Cake and Islam? Tell me about it.

Me: Yes we believe many Americans need education on Islam to overcome any fear and hate.
We are encouraging people to come, have a coffee/cake and learn about Peaceful “Islam”.
Ian: This is amazing. Great work by your community.

Me: We also have “True Islam” campaign, and you can endorse 11 points to become a Muslim Ally at trueislam.com
Ian: Will sure do. I am simply loving to hear all this from you. As an American and Jew by faith, i always stand with Muslims but always felt there is a need of more education.
Me: Absolutely. Appreciate your kind words. We will surely be in touch. (Exchanged our emails)

The key to reduce hate and fear is education. More people we educate, more quickly we overcome hate and bigotry.
Become a Muslim Ally at trueislam.com if you haven’t and promote the values that make not just America but the whole world great.