Today is Dr Abdus Salam 91st Birthday and i have few things to say.

It was November 21st,1996, one of the greatest Muslim mind in science, Dr Abdus Salam passed away.

On 24th of November, his body was brought to Lahore. I went to Darul Zikr Mosque to see my hero for the last time.
The crowd was huge but yet there was not a single government official to pay long due respect to the legend. Seriously!!

As I was passing by his body, many questions were raised in my mind, But even I was only 16, I knew, trying to find those answers could be painful.

The pain in his heart for every Pakistani was immense and he played an integral role in Pakistan development of nuclear energy. Yet many Pakistani labeled him as “Traitor” just because he was an Ahmadi Muslim.
Pakistan took his right away to identify himself as Muslim, but he kept his Pakistani identity till the end.

In a Mullah’s influenced nation like Pakistan, it doesn’t take much for murderer like Mumtaz Qadri to become a hero but it’s way too much ask to pay any respect to someone as great as Dr Abdus Salam.

Pakistan needs to wake up and start realizing quickly in the rise of extremism that has hijacked the whole nation.The nation who doesn’t identify its heroes, are destined to self-destruction eventually.

I can see a glimpse of hope in Pakistan today as some voices are being raised and some are starting to see sectarianism as a root issue.
You can be Hindu, Christian, Ahmadi Muslim or belong to any faith, But always remember, Heroes dont have any religion, their heroics deserve to be judged not based on their faith but by their achievement and struggle.