I am not an American but few things can say with surety.
Do you know what makes America great?

Its not Trump’s anti-Muslim bigotry.
Its not banning of poor refugees from Muslim countries that never found involved in terrorism.
Its not by registering thousands of peace loving Muslims in America as an act of discrimination.
Its not when some Islamophobes attack our Muslims mosques.
Its not when some Muslim women in hijab gets attacked by some lunatic.
Its also not by creating a wall beside Mexican border.

What actually makes America great is the power of its people, their courage and integrity to stand against intolerance, injustice and bigotry.
Its also the stance they take for their Muslim neighbor, in a school, at work place or other places.
Its also when we witness powerful people and celebrities show their support by registering as a “Muslim”.
Its also something we just witnessed at SFO International airport.
Hats off to American People for standing up for Muslims in this difficult time.Something we never witnessed in Pakistan as Ahmadi Muslims.
People from all color, race and belief protested against detention of Muslim refugees at SFO Airport.
This is exactly what makes America Great. I hope one day their leadership will understand and realize the fact that diversity is strength and not the weakness.

If you haven’t already, please sign up as #MuslimAlly at TrueIslam.com and become part of promoting the values that makes not just America but the whole world great.