I am not an expert on US politics in general but yet there are few facts cannot be denied even by a 10 year old.

American foreign policy has contributed immensely to create unrest, fear and global instability. Irony is all these efforts in the past several years were done for the sake of “Establishing Peace” and making world a “Better Place”.

Did we actually witness a “Better World” in any country US invaded in an effort to bring peace? Instead we have seen wars, refugee crisis, economical breakdown and many other unspeakable sufferings.
Reason is simple, US foreign policies lack Justice,integrity and contain their own political benefits and has nothing to do with “Peace”.
Somehow they are comparable to Pakistani Mullahs in hypocrisy, they do all UN-Islamic things in the name of “Islam” and US will do all cruel things in the name of Peace.

Look at Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Didn’t US interference was for the sake of establishing peace?These countries had more peace and stability before than now.
Not sure why the world is quiet and doesn’t speak up against this Injustice and cruelty that has only caused global humanitarian crisis and nothing else.

Its not just the physical damage , its also the hate that is being developed in the mindset of people against US.
My Iraqi co-worker showed another level of hate by not going to any American chain restaurant or buying anything American even a can of Pepsi or a slice of Pizza hut.
I know it sounds little crazy but that’s actually true. He saw his dad killed in Iraq war and he blames US for that.

I dont know the technicality but all i know this world is in a desperate need of the efforts that are sincere and greed-free to bring Peace and harmony.
Otherwise we are sure to head towards another world war.
May Allah give sense to these powers and open their eyes and heart to feel the pain of humanity.