With Donald Trump under spotlight, Muslims but mainly American Muslims are worried, deeply concerned and at the same time ,uncertain with his position after becoming president.

I just want to say, their fear is probably understandable considering the Donald Trump we have seen so far, but Ahmadi Muslims in Pakistan have gone through many proven Trumps in last 45 years. I would mention only two notable ones.

Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto – He was a liberal politician and didn’t care much about religion but yet loved his power and just to maintain this, he accepted the influential force and pressure by Mullah and declared Ahmadi Non-Muslims in 1974. Do you think Trump will actually interfere in any one’s religion being a president? Highly unlikely.

General Zia-ul-Haq – He was the biggest Trump. Responsible for 1984 Ordinance against Ahmadi Muslims, to stop them from using any Islamic terminology or they can be jailed.He is directly responsible for many Trumps we are witnessing in Pakistan today. Do you think Trump will ever throw Muslims in jail for just saying “Merry Christmas”? Highly unlikely.

Trumps in My Life,

1) I saw my first Trump at age 10, when i was in school, my best friend refused to talk to me after finding out i am an Ahmadi and few others followed him.

2) I also saw many Trumps in my father’s family when he converted to Ahmadi Muslim, we were boycotted and thrown out of the family and this still applies.

3) I saw few more Trumps in my neighborhood, When some parents forced their kids to stop playing with me because i am an Ahmadi.
I am sure i would have seen many more Trumps if i was still in Pakistan but i had to leave my country 14 years ago.

So please, for now, stop worrying about Trump and raise your voice against many grown up and already proven Trumps that Ahmadi Muslims are facing in Pakistan everyday. They see Trump when they go to school, colleges, or at work and even in their neighborhood.
Those Pakistani Trumps are way more dangerous and violent while Real Donald Trump has “All Talks.. No Action” so far.