Warning: This Post Contains Satire

Since taking an oath, Prime Minister of Pakistan has taken 10 drastic measures to ensure the religious freedom in the country in an effort to eliminate intolerance and persecution against religious minorities.

1) Prime Minister has proposed an “Anti-Ahmadiphobia” motion in the Parliament.This is in an effort to combat growing number of incidents of hate crimes against Ahmadi Muslims. Some of their mosques have also been targeted.

2) Prime Minister has approved the long pending bill that protects minor Hindu girls against forced conversion to Islam in Sindh province.He further said, Hindus are the citizen of Pakistan and hold the same rights and these forced conversion are against the spirit of Islam.He ensured strict policies and action against those behind this.

3) Prime Minister has issued a statement to undo notorious second amendment of 1974 constitution that declares Ahmadis “Non-Muslim”. Prime minister has ensured to restore Jinnah’s vision and further said, state must have no right to interfere in one’s religion.

4) Prime Minister visited Ahmadiyya Muslims town of Rabwah on their annual convention (Jalsa Salana). He praised the efforts of Ahmadiyya Community to promote peace and serve humanity across Pakistan and worldwide.

5) Prime Minister visited recently attacked Ahmadiyya mosque in Dulmial in solidarity with community and ensured the strong and prompt actions will be taken to combat extremism and hate elements against Ahmadis. No Muslim cleric will be allowed to speak publicly against the community or they will have to face severe consequences. Ahmadis are as Pakistani as anyone else and it’s a duty of the state to protect its citizen.

6) Prime Minister has forced an amendment to remove the blasphemy laws that are only being used only by extremist to hurt peaceful minorities. Asia Bibi, Nabeel Masih, and many others were ordered to set free.

7) Prime Minister announced an action plan to sponsor refugees including Ahmadi Muslims, Christians and Hindus facing severe persecution in some countries. Prime Minister will personally visit Jinnah International airport to welcome them on arrival.

8) Prime Minister has reversed Anti-Ahmadiyya amendment of 1984 Ordinance by General Zia-ul-Haq that prohibits Ahmadis from using any Islamic terminology and can be jailed for 3 years for reading Quran, saying “Salam” or calling their mosque a “Mosque” or “Call for prayers” (Azan). Several Ahmadis are in the jail because of this.

9) Prime minister has honored “Sitara Brooj Akbar” an Ahmadi Muslim girl and a world record holder of passing “O” level at young age. Prime Minister further emphasized that She is a pride of Pakistan and an inspiration for young generation of Pakistan.

10) Prime minister has requested “Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) to immediately amend its bylaw to stop terrorist like Jhangvi to run for an election.No one with any history of violence, hate and extremism will be allowed to run for an election in the country.

Only if Pakistan had a Prime Minister like Justin Trudeau!
It may seems few light years away but lets not underestimate the power of education, love and prayers. Lets transform fear into hope and Lets keep promoting Jinnah’s vision that is a “Pakistan for All”