Once upon a time, a man name Ali built a house with a vision to have everyone live freely and peacefully regardless of what they believe. His vision was well followed during his life and even until few years after his death. A Mother continued with the same values and treated all her sons equally.
There were some members of the family, who initially opposed Ali building the house, decided to pull the mother’s attention away from the vision set by Ali. They were able to convince mother forcibly that one of your son cannot be treated equally because he has a different faith and belief. The son was then discriminated and persecuted badly to the point he had to leave his mother with flowing tears from his eyes and the pain and suffering of parting.
Now he lives in another house but still remembers his mother. He still has a pain in his heart for others facing similar persecution, fear & hate. He is raising his voice and trying to educate members of his house in an effort to eliminate bigotry, intolerance and hate and to promote the vision of Ali.
It hurts him to see his house now. Injustice, greed, corruption, bigotry, hate are causing the house even more damage than ever before and the same members who opposed the idea initially are behind this. He is trying to create more awareness but he gets following criticism.

1) Why are you against our house?
2) Why don’t you speak about other houses and leave us alone?

He replies in following manner,

“This is my house, my mother too. I own a right to fight against anything that’s damaging the pillar of my house. I speak because i care, I speak because it hurts and i speak because i hope one day, my voice will be heard by my mother and she will hold me again in her arms and protect me from any fear & hate i once faced. She will allow me to live in the house freely and peacefully like before”

Let’s hope and pray one day this happens, let’s keep educating. You will be criticized and hated by some but that’s fine, we reply ignorance with more love and understanding.
Reach out to your own people and help freeing this country from the goons who are so called well-wisher of the house but just in the house to promote hate and create fear.
Let’s not give up on Pakistan!
Lets Pray for Pakistan!