Has anyone ever wondered why today Muslim Ummah is in such disarray?
Islam is such a beautiful and peaceful religion, Then why we are not able to witness that peace and harmony in most Muslim countries?
There is violence, there is bloodshed, there is pain and there is a situation where a word “Peace” has lost its meaning.
You can try to justify by putting all the blame on western powers, Even though, i agree, their injustice and greed have also contributed immensely but also being follower of a religion that gives you a supreme platform to establish peace, Where have they gone wrong? The Muslim should have been united are divided in many sects.

Let me explain why;

Allah says in Holy Quran,
“And hold firmly to the rope of Allah all together and do not become divided” (3:104)

They are not blessed with a true leadership, a Khalifa, a man of God, who can guide them towards the true teachings of Islam. Islam that is service to humanity, and Islam that is a spiritual struggle to establish peace and harmony.

Today as Ahmadi Muslims, we are blessed with Khilafat, a spiritual leadership, that keeps us united, keeps us at peace and strengthens our faith in one God. He preaches us how important it is to serve humanity regardless of their faith, color & race. He preaches us the importance of peace, love and harmony.
We are blessed and today Muslim Ummah must realize, they need to get united on One hand, one Imam, a spiritual leader, the only way they can establish peace among themselves and among their neighbor.

Let me give you one example of this love and bond we have with our Khalifa.

When our Khalifa visited Canada , a Buzurg (old man), even though he was blind, but yet decided to come several hours earlier in the mosque and sat in front rows where our Imam used to lead prayers.
The man was once asked by someone, You cant see your Khalifa with your eyes then why you have to come and sit in front row every day? He replied, ” I know i am unable to see but i am here so at least he can see me and that will be a blessed moment for me”

This is the love, that holds us together on one hand and is a source of our spiritual revolution.Through the blessing of Khilafat, we are able to follow the true teachings of Islam and we are able to establish the love with our Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) who was a champion of humanity himself.