Many Non-Ahmadi Muslims make this fabrication against the founder of Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat, Mirza Ghulam Ahmed (a.s), God forbid, that he insulted Holy Prophet (pbuh). Some even falsely claim he stated he was the greater than Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w).
These allegations completely contradict the facts. In reality, one of the greatest aspects of the life of the promised messiah (a.s) was the endless and extreme love for Holy Prophet (pbuh).

The Promised Messiah (as) states in following Persian couplets,

1) ‘My life and my heart, everything is but a sacrifice for the beauty of my beloved Muhammad(saw); I am as if, the dust of the alley of Muhammad(saw)’

2) ‘My beloved! If in your alley the heads of your lovers were being cut off; the first man to announce his love for you would be myself.

3) ‘My heart is but a sacrifice for every land upon which you have stepped; O! If only I was born in your blessed homeland.’

Even the worst enemies of Islam at that time were left with no choice than admit the love of Promised Messiah for his master.

1) A famous writer ‘Allamah Niyaz Ahmad Khan Niyaz Fatah Puri admits with regards to the Promised Messiah’s love for the Holy Prophet (saw),
“He was a lover of the Prophet in letter and spirit”

2) Babu Muhammad Uthman Likhnawi, that he went to Qadian in 1918 and met a Hindu, Lala Badhu Mal, or perhaps Lala Malawamal, who is often referred to in the books of the Promised Messiah (as). He asked him if he had seen the Promised Messiah (as) in his early days, and what he thought of him. That Hindu responded; “to this day I have yet to find a single Muslim who loves his prophet to such an extent

3) Reverend Wight, a priest, who met Promised Messiah (as) many times, once said
“I noticed one thing about Mirza Sahib, which I did not like. Whenever an allegation was raised against Prophet Muhammad (saw), he would become upset and his face would change.”

And finally in his own words, The Promised Messiah(as) states:
‘It was impossible for me to attain this blessing, if I were not one to follow the ways of my leader and master, the pride of the Prophets, the best of creation, Muhammad(saw), the chosen one, peace and blessings of Allah be upon him. As such, whatever status I have attained, I have attained through following him.’