It was March 25th, 1992 and i was only 12 but as a cricket lover like many in Pakistan, I also fell in love with our cricketing hero, Imran Khan. He was the leader and a warrior praised all around, he was the man who took a relatively less skilled cricket team to the top of the world just by his leadership abilities. He gave us our first ever cricket world cup.

Then he decided to join politics and even though, many warned him, I myself was glad to support him.Our leader and a hero in Cricket had a chance to become our true leader and take our country out of this Mullah’s created mess.
He was bold, courageous, fearless and the man of principle.He often raised his voice against injustice, and on a few occasion talked about minority rights and Pakistan for all.He gave me hope that he might be an answer we need to build a Jinnah’s Pakistan.

But then came the darker part, we saw a man of courage bowing down to Mullahs.
He once praised Atif Mian, a top Ahmadi, economist and few days later, had to take his statement back after pressured by Mullahs.A man gave up on his principles he was once known for.
A fearless tiger bowed down to the monkeys in the Jungle called, “Pakistan”.

I gave up on Imran long ago but I still haven’t given up on Pakistan. It’s the same country, who had people like Salmaan Taseer who gave his life but didn’t compromise on his principle and struggle.
We had enough Imran Khans in Pakistan but today we need more “Taseers” than ever before, who have courage to stand against injustice, bigotry and discrimination. Pakistan needs voices for voiceless. Let’s do our part,our share to raise awareness. It’s been dark for so long but let’s not get our hopes to die. Let’s not give up on Pakistan!!