Just over 30 hours ago, most people in Pakistan were condemning horrendous abduction of these activists and asking authorities for their immediate recovery. But when Defence.pk site tried to justify their abduction and accused them for blasphemy by claiming these activists were running the page “Bhensa” that is anti-Islam and anti-Pakistan, majority in Pakistan has started to justify their abduction and some are even demanding to hang them publicly.

Do we even know that’s the truth? Even if they did commit the crime, shouldn’t they be arrested and trialed in court?
Pakistan is far from human rights values and no way even close to what Islam teaches us.

Allah says in Quran [49:7], “O ye who believe! If an unrighteous person brings you any news, ascertain the correctness of the report fully, lest you harm a people in ignorance, and then become repentant for what you have done”

I am not yet saying the state is behind these abductions but whoever is, they must know the consequences. It’s already creating a fear among many young bloggers/activists. It is an act that abandons not only the freedom of speech but also will have a lasting effect on the people who want to speak against intolerance and injustice.
Even in a jungle, there is some humanity, some courage to resist the danger. By muting voices, they are increasing the volume of fear that will epidemically hurt the society.

We must not get carried away with so called Pakistani emotions. These activists are humans too like me and you. They have families too, kids, wife. Our ignorance can add to the risk and danger to their life they might never be able to get out. Let’s pray for their quick recovery.