It’s not always lovely when you criticize those who hate getting exposed. There is always some backlash when you target hate preachers, bigots and goons. Speaking truth is never easy in today’s world but for me staying back is not a choice.
I often get criticized in following ways.

  • Why you critical of Pakistani Clerics (Mullah)?
    I believe the most damage to this country has been done by Mullahs. It’s not something I just say, history proves it.
    Mullah’s influence on political leadership started to get momentum in 70s and state declared Ahmadis Non-Muslim in 1974. That was the Pandora box of religious intolerance opened then and it’s still hurting our country badly. Even today, whenever anyone talks about pluralism or minority rights, Mullahs come in between and doesn’t let it happen. Fatwa Wajib-ul-Qatal and Kufar are common in Islamic Republic of Pakistan. Extremism leads to terrorism. And because of their version of Islam, the seed of terrorism was sown and now Pakistan is being hampered with terrorism and whole nation is suffering. Talking against Mullah’s bigotry and hypocrisy is actually talking in favor of Pakistan.
  • It seems your posts are Anti-Pakistan?
    Speaking for persecuted minorities and against injustice & intolerance doesn’t mean hating Pakistan at all. I talk because I care & it hurts to see our country being hijacked by extremism for so long. I fight for Jinnah’s vision. I must do. Even though Pakistan has always tried to make it difficult for me to love but I still love my country of birth no matter what and will never give up on Pakistan.
  • It seems you are promoting “Ahmadiyya”
    I only promote True Islam and I have learnt that from Ahmadiyya Muslim community. I don’t promote Ahmadiyyat for the sake of converting people, but just to promote the real teachings of Islam and by doing this, I try to remove the misconception and prejudice against Islam. Everyone has right to disagree theologically and I respect that right.