Mullahs Before
“We will never let even the “P” of Pakistan happen. Quaid-e-Azam is a Kafir-e-Azam”

Mullahs Now
“Pakistan is founded in the name of Islam. Declare Ahmadis non-Muslim. Convert Hindus forcibly. Blasphemer must be punished with death in an Islamic Republic”

Question is, “If Pakistan was founded in the name of Islam then why Mullahs were against its creation and became enemy of its founder? Doesn’t this make Mullahs themselves enemy of Islam? “(Hypocrisy Alert)

But it actually a hypocrisy on top of another hypocrisy. None of what they want in today’s Pakistan is Islamic. Here is proof;

1) Islam rejects state to interfere anyone faith but Mullahs pressured Bhutto to declare Ahmadis non-Muslim.
2) Islam rejects compulsion and rejects forced conversion. Mullahs condemn the law that protects rights of Hindus in Sindh against such conversion.
3) Islam rejects punishment of blasphemy and leaves this matter with Allah but Mullahs justify the death punishment for blasphemer and even the one opposing it.

They call heroes of Pakistan like Sir Zafarullah khan, Dr Abdul-Salam, Salman Taseer and many more as traitors and Jewish agents but are the biggest traitor of Islam and Pakistan themselves to force Un-Islamic laws in an “Islamic Republic Of Pakistan”
Raise your voice to expose the bigotry and hypocrisy of these so called Islamic clerics. They are only here to undo Pakistan and damage the name of Islam. May Allah protect our nation and save them from Mullah’s wrath.