A Man from a small unknown town name “Qadian” once claimed to have God’s help with him and his Jamaat shall reach the corner of the earth.Many laughed at him and many called him “Crazy” but he kept on preaching the message of love and humanity. His name was Mirza Ghulam Ahmed , The Promised Messiah and the Imam Mehdi (a.s).
First Jalsa of Qadian witnessed merely 75 participants. As he stated himself,

“Mai tha Ghareebo Bekaso Gumnaamo Behunar
Koi na Jaanta tha ke he Qadian Kidhar”
“No one knew where Qadian is on the world map and i was living under complete anonymity”

Now we are witnessing the fulfillment of this great prophecy and thousands are joining Islam-Ahmadiyya.
Our community has reached the corners of the world. We have our 16000 mosques and establishment in over 215 countries.
It was not possible if Allah’s help wasn’t with him. His words were the words of God.
But his mission is not over yet. Many are still lost in the darkness of bigotry,hate and extremism.
Today we have to come even stronger with the belief that God is with us and has given us a supreme duty to lead this world to a more peaceful and beautiful place for humanity.